Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aishwarya rai enjoying the Holi

Aishwarya Rai Plays HOli

Indian Actress Aishwarya Rai this time celebrates Holi without water. Yes,
its her entry sequence in her film 'Action Replay' by Vipul Shah.

Recently, Vipul Shah in his Action Replay, was to shoot Aishwarya Rai entry
sequence which is a Holi song. Initially He had visualised the song with lots of water and colours.

But the preparations were later called off when the filmmaker realised they
should not waste so much water, given that the city was facing a water crisis.

Vipul Shah also accepted it. “Yes it is true that we did not go ahead with the earlier
planned water sequence in the Holi song as we would have used at least
70-80 tankers of water for the three day shoot.

“It is an elaborate song with 500 extras and 150 dancers involved. I was very
excited about it but then realised the magnitude of the water scarcity the city is facing”.

Aishwarya also supported the change of with the plan. Finally shooted the song
with only colors without water.

download the ppt here

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Download GIF Kids,Nature,Animals ,Logos Images

These are the kids images very funny..

Download these GIF images more in a single zip file....


Logos are the very funny and these are very usefull to develop your web application and the your profile photos and more ways these are used..


Download the Nature gif logos here


These are containing The Nature and the shapes of trees


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10+ Pencil Drawing Collection

Stunning Pencil Drawing Artwork Collection

I was always wondering why we still see black and white artwork and photography in the age of millions of colors and HD technologies. I tried to answer this question based on my love to black and white photography and apply the answer to any black and white art. The black and white artwork takes you beyond the shapes and colors to give you dramatic effect using shadows even more than lines.

Pencil drawing is one of the oldest forms of art that is using different type of pencil that varies in hardness and softness from H9 to B9. The “H” represents the hardness and “B” represents the blackness or the darkness. H9 pens are themost hardest pencils and B9 are themost darkness pencils. HB is in the middle level. However, the full range on pencils is H9, H8, H7, H6, H5, H4, H3, H2, H, HB, B, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8.

Drawing with pencil implement many methods to create different effect and styles. For example, you can choose either to draw with shades or lines or both. Here I would like to share with you some really creative pencil drawings by different artists, each of these artists has his or her own style and way to draw with pencils. So, I hope you like it and comment with you best drawings.