Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gibraltar Spain Attraction its Crazy Airport

The airport having traffic signals while takeoff and take on . Aeroplane should wait to clear traffic .This is interesting and amazing Airport.

The Adversity of Wonder Girl – Aimee MullIins

Born in 1976 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and growing up between Pennsylvania and County Clare, Ireland, Aimee Mullins has overcome challenges from day one. She was born with fibular hemimelia, a limb anomaly wherein there is partial or total absence of the fibula (shin) bones.

Kim Kadarshian Latest photoshoot in Angel Ball 2011

 Kim Kardashian was one of the celebrity guests—including Tommy Hilfiger, Stephen Baldwin and Russell Simmons—at the annual Angel Ball at Cipriani Wall Street. The event raises funds for cancer research.
   In front of 780 guests, Kardashian talked about the loss of her father to cancer. She then introduced singer Patti La Belle, who performed ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. Javier Colon, Nile Rodgers and Chic also sang.

Craziest X-rays found by doctors

X-rays from Central Prison in Raleigh, N.C., show items such as bed springs and batteries that prisoners swallowed to gain trips to outside hospitals.

 A dentist found the source of the toothache Patrick Lawler was complaining about on the roof of his mouth: a four-inch (10-centimeter) nail the construction worker had unknowingly embedded in his skull six days earlier.
Doctors in Pakistan removed a whole lightbulb from a prisoner's anus June 28. The man said he awoke with the problem, but doctors weren't sure.
This X-ray shows a boy who swallowed magnetic pieces of a block one at a time. When they hit his stomach, they reconnected.
Elsie, a 6-month-old Saint Bernard, swallowed a 13-inch serrated knife in September 2005. After an operation, the pup had an 8-inch scar but was otherwise fine.
A film shows PVC plumbing pipes inserted in the bones of a deceased person as part of an alleged body parts ring.
On 2004, dutch actress Georgina Verbaan confounded critics who doubted the authenticity of her jugs by publishing impressive x-ray profiles on her website. The results are conclusive proof that the 25-year-old did not surgically enhance her breasts in advance of a €200,000 photo shoot for the December issue of Dutch Playboy.

An alien face seems to appear in the X-ray of a duck, which died in May from injuries it had when foun

A nail gun shot six nails into construction worker Isidro Mejia's head during an April 2004 accident. He not only survived but was expected at the time to recover fully.

A An 6-inch pair of surgical scissors appears in the abdomen of Australian Pat Skinner in April 2004 -- 18 months after her initial operation.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

World's Tallest Female Dog Is Nova

 World's Tallest Female Dog Is Nova, A Great Dane — Nova, a Great Dane, who's 2 feet, 11.51 inches tall is the world's tallest female dog, according to Guinness World Records. That's 35.51 inches from paw to shoulder for Nova, who takes up a lot of space in her owner's house in Addison, Ill. and there's 160 pounds packed onto that frame. She eats through 50 pounds per week. Owner Ann Suplee said strangers often say her dog looks like "a horse galloping" and ask her "Are you getting ready for the Kentucky Derby?" according to a statement from Guinness. But super Nova is a pipsqueak compared to Giant George of Tucson, the tallest male dog, who's 43 inches tall

Unusual Camp for Girls in South Korea (11 pics)

 This camp doesn’t look like an ordinary summer camp for girls. It’s a boot camp in South Korea where kids seem to receive military-type training programs. I wonder whether they are fighting with discipline or computer obsession.

Realistic 3D-Mask

 The Japanese company REAL-f creates a realistic 3D-up of your face.
They are working on every detail, with the result that we obtain the mask, which is very difficult to distinguish from the face. Looks like it's all pretty scary.

RedCrab Migration !


    Christmas Island red crab

    The Christmas Island red crab, Gecarcoidea natalis, is a species of terrestrial crab endemic to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Although restricted to a relatively small area, it is estimated that up to 120 million red crabs may live there, making it the most abundant of the 14 terrestrial crab species on Christmas Island. Christmas Island red crabs eat mostly fallen leaves and flowers, but will occasionally eat other animals, including other red crabs if the opportunity arises.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hilarious Epic Fails Set

25 Fantastic Duct Tape Prom Couples

Prom night is about expressing your unique individuality, and what's more uniquie than a duct tape prom dress? Each one is one of a kind!
The fad of making a prom outfit out of duct tape has been around for many years now and each year they just get better and more extravagant.
Wearing duct tape to your prom isn't just sticky and sweaty... it can earn you prizes, scholarships and cash. Check out these amazing duct tape prom couples!

Kim Kardashian Candids in Beverly Hills

Enjoy more pics below.......

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Painting with Nipples(Nipple Painting)

This artwork was done by artist Kira Ayn Varszegi who has a rather unusual way of painting. She uses her nipples as brushes after covering them in paint. It makes for some very interesting artwork. Take a look.

Shruti Hassan on set of Oh My Friends

Coimbatore: South Indian superstar surya's upcoming movie 7aam Arivu going to release on October 26 2011.
In this movie surya is appearing in 3 different looks. All his fans are thrilled to seen him on big screen.

NityaMenan latest photos

 Nityamenon latest photoshoot with Nitin in upcoming new film ..

Beautiful Lady Army

 These girls are not just brave, but very good looking. Who says that army is boring or enormously heavy for guys? Take a look at these girls and how they do it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Odd ways to wear duct tape

 Art Final
(left) Kathy Stearns, a college student in Geneva, NY, made this lovely dress for an art class final project. She didn’t reveal her grade, but we are guessing that she passed with flying colors - or at least with silvery gray color.
Alien Fashion
(right) Bruce Larsen of Fairhope, AL, created this incredible alien costume entirely out of duct tape. (He won $5000 in a costume contest with this creation!)

 Once again, Duck Brand is running their “Stuck At Prom” promotion that will offer scholarship rewards ranging from $500 to $5000 to anyone that wears duct tape to the prom and uploads an image of their outfit via the contest page.

Further proof that duct tape was the greatest invention of our time.

Top Celebrities Who Were Strippers

Amber Rose
 All these gorgeous famous actresses now used to be strippers/ erotic dancers earlier. They stripped on stage making their way from strobe lights into the spotlight! Check out these top 10 hottest celebrities who used to be stippers.

Just Wow moments.- pic dump

Anushka Shetty in a photoshoot of Modelling