Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things to do, reduce Global Warming..

These are the things to reduce the Global Warming..

It is going to increase all pollutions in the earth from land to air all are going to pollute. Who is responsible for this means the first answer is "MAN".He is the destroyer too himself.Don't continue these all things too long .

This is a warning..and You MUST follow these tips or things to reduce ...

1.Do Plantation to your premises or your road premises.Encourage your friends to plant a tree with their name.

2.While you move for shopping use cloth bags or paper cloths. Because they will decompose early than plastic.

3.Use Solar cookers and solar water heaters to cook and bath to reduce carbon di oxide in atmosphere.

5.Use power(electrical) bikes or gas cylinder cars or bikes to travel then you will save your money and earth.

6.Reduce Use and throw meterials .Because they will produce more land pollution.

7.Save electric power (save power) don't miss use the energy with out the reason.

8.Save Save Save the EARTH.*aRdeDFCo8T6DMe5pDxmyi7IGlD1HKIhNPXl/the_world_belongs_to_you.jpg

It is necessary to protect our earth if not we will face very dangerous and weired look to our earth......
Save Our Earth.



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