Friday, February 26, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson wants breast reduction because she’s breastfeeding

Kendra Wilkinson can’t go one week without giving an “exclusive” interview to OK! Magazine or Life & Style or In Touch Weekly. The weird thing is that where Kendra used to annoy the hell out of me, now I kind of root for her. She’s done well for herself in her post-Hef life - she’s happily married, she’s got a cute baby, she seems happy. Meanwhile, Holly Madison is calling the paparazzi to pose for ridiculous photos in Las Vegas, and the paps aren’t returning her calls. So compared to Holly, Kendra’s got her act together. However, even though I’m kind of liking Kendra these days, the girl is still dumb as a rock. In her two latest interviews, she complains about how big her boobs are after she gave birth (because she’s breastfeeding) and she says she’s considering breast reduction. It’s like no one told her that her boobs go down when she stops breastfeeding:



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