Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Kashmir..!..Our INDIA.

Fabulous pictures of one of the most scenic locations in the world.


Gulmarg : About 60 kms from Srinagar, 2 hrs drive

Nishat Bagh..!
Mirror image..!

Posted this picture upside down. Can you really make it out ?? Besides the fact that the sky is lighter (below) and the water is darker (above)..

This is the local boat that the villagers use. It's completely made out of wood and cost's as much as 30-40000 INR a piece.

Kashmir Valley
Perfection beyond this world makes Kashmir a paradise. The land of sparkling rivers and sleepy lakes, of startling gardens and regal Chinar trees, Kashmir boasts of some of the most beautiful flowering meadows and snow-capped peaks. The abundance of natural beauty has earned the valley a nickname of the 'Switzerland of the East'. It is mesmerizing to see how this endless beauty never fails to charm the viewers with its changing scenes from dazzling white snow of Winters to blooming fragrance of Spring. The sparkling greenery of Summers are welcome too as the flaming beauty of Autumn. The art house of the Seasons, the beauty of Kashmir is complete to the giggling girls with fair Indian complexion and rosy cheeks and the exquisite handicrafts of the area.

Kashmir's Topography
The high snow-capped ridges of the Himalayan range in the east and the Pir Panjal range in the west and south enclose Kashmir. Jhelum River glides across Srinagar and swiftly flow through the winding ways of the valley. The geologists have confirmed the truth behind the popular belief that Kashmir was once a huge lake called the Karewa, which was formed by the blocking of the Jhelum River. However, the river formed a deep gorge through the Pir Panjal range at Uri and carved out its new way. Thus, the waters of the Karewa gradually drained away, leaving behind the stunning valley of Kashmir. One can still find corals and other marine fossils in this region.

The Glorious Name
There have been different versions of the legend behind the name of Kashmir. It is said that the great saint Kashyap Rishi went on a pilgrimage to the place. When he reached Naukabandan near Kaunsarnag, at the request of the people he killed Bahudev, the giant of Satisar and let the water of the lake flow out near Baramulla. Thus, the place came to be known as Kashyapmar or the some other historians dispute that this valley was so called only when the people of Kash caste settled here permanently.

Natural Beauty
Kashmir is famous for its beautiful and natural scenery and varieties of flora and fauna throughout the world. It is also widely known for its different kinds of agricultural products, fruit, vegetables, saffron, herbs, minerals, precious stones and finest kind of embroidery on clothes.



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