Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally Pamela Anderson to enter Bigg Boss 4 next week.

I guess now will appear in the house of BigBoss 4? Nothing less than the controversy Pamela Anderson. This show could not be better with all the celebrities from different walks of life into it. Was first wrestler Khali and now Pamela Anderson well. She is the first Hollywood star to enter Big Boss 4.

Pamela, who was the first contact in September Big Boss to be part of this show, finally confirmed by his manager that definitely would be present at the show after the channel in contact with her for quite some time, according to a publicist. She is to appear in the show by next week. It might be time for viewers to prepare and expect more of spices in the program.

The publisher went so far as to say that Pamela will reach India on Monday and join the series next day. However there is no additional information about their stay and the duration in the house has been revealed, all we know is that it is a guest on Big Boss 4.

As soon as everyone is waiting Pamela goes on a rampage in the number of spectators. It is very likely that the blonde star blonde VIP has a large number of fans in India.

This is not the first time an international celebrity to join the house. Jade Goody in season 2 the first and whose racial remarks made famous by ShilpaShetty go for the sympathy of all good. The third season also had Claudia Ciesla, the German model.

All are clearly bored or have nothing to do, Pamela input could change and fill the void in the minds of viewers!



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