Friday, December 10, 2010

Elizabeth Hurley Unseen Photoshoot Gallary

Elizabeth Jane Hurley was born on 10th of June in 1985. She is an English model and actress who chose to forgo the Hollywood lifestyle for farming. She bought a 400 acre piece of land in England and turned it to be purely organic. It is deep in the Gloucestershire country side. She owned it for like five years before converting it to an organic farm. She used it as a weekend home for her family. It was basically her escape hide out from the city life with her family. She says she was inspired to make it fully organic since she hates how people use chemicals on their farms I quote “hate watching chemicals be poured onto the land”. On her farm she is bringing up a herd of Gloucestershire cattle, Gloucester Old Spot pigs, as well as Shetland and Lleyn sheep. She is helped by her family to manage the farm, whereby the brother Michael is the farm manager and her mother is the Bo Peep of the family.

The meat products from her farm are sold at the Cirencester Farmers Market where they have a stall but they also sell to surrounding butcheries and restaurants. She has partnered with Prince Charles’ company and is developing organic and healthy food products. The first crops harvested from her farm were wheat and oats.
Elizabeth is soon to release recipes which will include products from her organic farm. These recipes will be fat free suitable for women. She has indicated that some of the products will be store cupboard essentials. Some of the recipes she will put in the cookery book will be the ones she has adopted over the years to eliminate fat content. She states that she will soon launch a show that will follow her as she goes about her everyday life.



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