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             Jaguar XF is a mid-size luxury sedan which replaced the S-Type. It was in the Frankfurt Motor Show the production version of Jaguar XF was unveiled and the delivery of the car to the customers started in March 2008. It was launched in UK in 2008, and it has been a major hit since then. Jaguar XF was a concept car which was styled and designed differently from the rest of the Jaguars. Ford Motors was the parent company of the model until it was acquired by Tata Motors in 2008. Jaguar XF together with certain other models is available in India at present.

  Jaguar XF is available in petrol and diesel variants and in two different trims namely Luxury and Premium Luxury. The luxury sedan has 18 color options for exterior paint.

                The Jaguar XF (code name: X250) is an executive/mid-size luxury car and estate produced by British car manufacturer Jaguar Cars which was first revealed in autumn 2007 as a replacement for the Jaguar S-Type.

                 The XF was launched with a variety of models called, depending on country, 'SE', 'Luxury', 'Premium Luxury' (or 'Premium'), 'Portfolio' (or 'Premium Portfolio'), 'SV8' (or 'Supercharged') and 'R'. For the UK market, company car friendly 'Executive Edition' and 'SE Business' models with a lower tuned versions of the 3.0 L and 2.2 L diesel engines respectively are available.


                The car is an outstanding performer, which is equipped with two different types of engines. A naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 petrol engine has an output of 380 bhp. A 3.0 L V6 diesel engine produces 270 bhp output. With these engines the XF has the soothing effect of a sedan and the stability of a sports car. The Sequential Shift System offers an exciting driving experience. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox offering smooth ride.

           The car body was developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) before the car ever saw a wind tunnel. Every area from the outer skin to the lightweight, composite under tray to the cooling airflow (even the shape of the exterior mirrors) was optimized using this process. The higher, squarer tail is more efficient aerodynamically than a lower, rounded one, and the XF's coupe-like roof line and raised boot lid lip improve airflow over the rear of the car.

The basic sub-structure of the XF has been carried over from the S-Type, although the body has been stretched to meet crash safety requirements, and heightened to provide additional headroom while still retaining the saloon within a coupe proportions. The suspension and mountings are the same as that used on the XK, while the engine line-up is basically similar to that used in the S-Type.

Sound and vibration insulation is provided by the addition of a special under body tray and engine mounts, a tuned exhaust system, and a double bulkhead between the engine bay and passenger compartment.

All XF models are automatic and are Euro 5 compliant. The naturally-aspirated petrol 3.0 V6 was discontinued in Europe in 2010, but continues to be sold elsewhere.

Next Green Car (NGC) an organisation that analyses vehicle emissions and rates them from 0 (cleanest) to 100 (dirtiest) - analysed the emissions from Jaguar's current XF range. ADAC' s Eco Test has also rated three of the diesel engines.

1999 cc, Petrol, 236 bhp @ 5500 RPM power
2179 cc, Diesel, 190 bhp @ 3000 RPM power
2993 cc, Diesel, 275 bhp @ 4000 RPM power
5000 cc, Petrol, 375 bhp @ 6500 RPM power


The XF was launched with only an automatic gearbox. The six-speed ZF automatic with torque converter lock-up is programmed to shift 10% quicker than before and is fitted to all petrol engines. Diesel engines are fitted with an advanced eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. On both transmissions the gears can either be selected using a rotary dial that rises from the centre console on start-up or can be manually controlled using paddles behind the steering wheel. An AWD option is available in some left hand drive markets, and is only available with the supercharged 3.0 L V6 engine.



        The standard audio system comprises a ten-speaker, 250 W set-up that includes a radio, CD player, WMA and MP3 compatibility as well as USB storage devices.

         Each front door contains a 168 mm (6.6 in) woofer, a 100 mm (4 in) mid-range speaker and a 25 mm (1.0 in) dome tweeter (the latter two wired in parallel with a crossover), while each rear door houses a similar 168 mm (6.6 in) woofer and 25 mm (1.0 in) tweeter. As a center speaker there is a 100 mm (4 in) full-range driver, similar to the two 100 mm (4 in) full-range 'surround' speakers located on the rear parcel shelf. The B&W system has been reviewed by journalists at Auto car magazine, who proclaimed it the best in-car system they have ever heard.

For 2013 models, Jaguar introduced the option of a new Meridian sound system upgrade instead of B&W; with a choice of 380 W 11-speaker or an 825 W surround sound 17-speaker system.


A 7-inch full-color screen is fitted to the dashboard of all XF's and can be used to control most multimedia systems. The same screen can also be upgraded with analogue and digital television capability. Available as an option is Jaguar Voice which allows the driver to speak commands in order to control everything from the sound and navigation systems to telephone calls and the climate control system.


The XF was crash tested in 2010 by European and it gained a four star rating. The XF's result was seen as a disappointment by some car magazines.When retested in 2011, the XF turned in improved scores in adult occupant, child occupant and pedestrian areas.

5 seater

1. Jaguar XF Petrol 2.0
    1999cc Petrol, Automatic
    Rs.49.08 lakhs

2. Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel Luxury
    2179cc Diesel, Automatic
    Rs.49.39 lakhs

3.Jaguar XF Diesel S V6
    2993 cc Diesel, Automatic, 13.53 kpl
    Rs.54.81 lakhs

4. Jaguar XF Petrol R V8
    5000 cc Petrol, Automatic
    Rs.74.21 lakhs





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