Friday, March 4, 2011

Kid Playing With His Pet Anaconda

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Kid Playing With His Pet Anaconda. This Burmese python is so huge, this eight-year-old boy
from India is able to ride it like a pony.

Most children dream of cuddling up to an adorable puppy or a sweet kitten, but Sambath Uon, a seven-year-old boy from Cambodia, loves playing with his 15 foot Burmese python.

Chamreun (meaning Lucky) found her way into Sambath’s village seven years ago when Sambath was just a baby. His father tried to return the snake back to the forest three times, but each time, she would loyally return to Sambath.

After seven years of living with Sambath and his family, Chamreun is Sambath’s best friend and playmate. He even tries to teach her tricks. Sambath said he loves his python just like how he loves his sister.

The village accepts Chamreun and think that she brings good fortune. This python is just part of the family.



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