Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Talented 3D Models and Characters

While the 3D modeling requires good talent in visualizing the character or the model in three dimensions, creating a character design concept and converting this concept to a 3D model requires more talent in creating the model and modeling it using any of the 3D applications. 

3D modeling involves in many implementations such as the industrial modeling, the 3D cartoon modeling and the 3D animation. And there are many applications that can be used in character modeling such as Mudbox, Zbrush, 3Ds max and Maya. You can rely on specific applications to create the model or multiple applications.

There are many styles in modeling a character in 3D and each artist has a special style in character modeling and in the following collection. I would like to share with you some amazing 3D character models for different artists and with different styles.

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