Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Russia Air Defense Systems in the Moscow

We are back at the Museum of Air Defense in the Moscow region. This time we are going to show you air defense systems standing under the open sky. By the way, admittance is free.

The oldest exhibit – an anti-aircraft light Z-15-14B, 1939. Reflector’s diameter is 150 cm, target illuminating range – 7-9 km..
Fighter MiG-19 that shot down the American reconnaissance aircraft B-47 Stratojet over the Barents Sea in July 1st, 1960.
Two generations of the air defence: a three inch mountain gun, 1909 and a 130mm anti-aircraft weapon KS-30, 1954.37 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun, 1939.

Anti-aircraft machine gun mount ZPU-2, 1949.

57 mm anti-aircraft gun AZP-57 of the S-60 anti-aircraft artillery system. Put into operation in 1950.and more you can see below



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