Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The stylish car for youth- The LAMBORGHINI

  1. Lamborghini is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports car and currently with SUV's which is owned by Volkswagen group.
  2. Founded by Ferruccio Lamboghini in 1963. The competitor is Ferrari, its first model released in mid of 1960's. 
  3. Lamborghini is known for their refinement,power and comfort.www The standarad layout is rear mid-engine & rear wheel drive.
  4.  The models are 350-GT,Miura, Espada, Islero, Jarama,etc
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  1. Gallardo 1_Myclipta

    Front View_Myclipta

    Gallardo interior_Myclipta

    Outer View_Myclipta

Lamborghini Gallardo:(Gallardo LP 550-2 Tricolor)


  • Lamborghini Gallardo is model launched for celebrating its 50th anniversary. The roadstar version of Gallardo is two-seat mid engine V10-powered car.This model launched sub-models to this are LP 550-2 Tricolore, Bicolore,
  • LP 560-4 Spyder,LP 560- 4 and so on. Among these. LP 550-2 Tricolore was the most selling model. It made crazy to all car lovers.
  • It is a two seater luxury vehicle with rear wheel drive. Electronically controlled. Engine type is found to be 10 cylinders and maximum power upto 550 HP.
  • The capacity of fue tank is 90 litres.
  • Price range starts from 3 crores to 3.46 crores.
Gallardo Huracane_Myclipta

Gallardo Pink_Myclipta

_Gallardo sesto_ Myclipta



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