Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative and Comfort Chair Designs

 We spend much of our working lives occupying chairs, but since we never really see them we sometimes take them for granted. Luckily there are clever and talented designers willing to renegotiate our relationship with chairs. Here are some examples of strange seats and bizarre benches that dare to be different, from the fabulously elegant and modern to the flippantly humorous and unique and everything in between.

Stylish, very modern, very sexy – Fabio Novembre’s His and Her chairs are overtly sensual enough to not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no denying their (eyebrow-raising) power.

Also following the contours of its occupant, the Boulom Lounge (left) dates from 1969 and is the creation of Olivier Mourgue – who took it with him when he travelled around. Rather less portable is the Perspective Chair (lower right): created by Domeau & Pérès from a design by Pharrell Williams – the feet suggesting a couple’s stolen kiss. And those with an interest in what’s under our skin will enjoy Lisa Jones’ Vasa Intenstina (2007).

Two Dogs Designs High-Back Chair Cover, Hunter Green    Dakota Designs 2UMV3 Task Chair, Leather, Oxblood, Adjustable  Two Dogs Designs 84-Inch Round Table and Chairs Cover, Chocolate Brown  Xscape Designs® Sportline FR™ XL Folding Chair w/ Footrest, RED



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