Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to reduce Belly Fat for Men


Losing weight isn't about fasting or denying yourself that which you most crave. To the contrary, sustainable weight loss is normally a product of careful planning and even more careful execution. Culled from the 'Men's Journal' archives, here are seven tips for taking off the belly fat, keeping off the belly fat, and not going crazy in the process.

The Simple steps to reduce Belly Fat are here:


           A Spanish study found that noshers who ate their biggest meal earlier in the day were able to lose 25 percent more weight than those who delayed gratification. In Spain, the largest meal tends to be lunch, but study author Frank Scheer says he thinks Americans who eat dinner earlier would also see better diet results.


         Forget what your mother told you: You do not have to finish your meal.An Australian study found that most people will eat more when offered a larger portion. Not an astonishing result, but definitely telling in light of the fact that every participant in the study had just been instructed on how to eat only until they were full.


            Fast food is a quick way to pack on the pounds, but expediency sometimes dictates that you have to walk into a McDonald's. According to a Temple University study, dieters can order responsibly so long as they avoid the "meals" and opt instead for individual dishes and sides. Also, they found every dessert option in every fast food joint to be hugely caloric. Nothing to do there but abstain.


1.Whole grains: 
             Your body will burn double the amount of calories as it breaks down whole grains, particularly those that are rich in fiber such as brown rice and oats. Processed foods are broken down in a different way and do not require your body to burn as many calories.

2.Lean meats: 
           Protein in meats such as steak or chicken breasts has a very high thermogenic effect. You actually burn around 30% of the calories that the food contains while you are still digesting it. So a 300-calorie steak will require around 90 calories just to break it down.
3.Green tea: 
          The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that drinking four cups of green tea each day could help people shed around 2-3kg in two months because there is a compound in the brewed tea that temporarily speeds up your metabolism. If you want to up your intake even further keep a jug of iced green tea in the fridge for a bit of variation.
4.Hot peppers: 
          Capsaicin, the primary compound found in chilli peppers that gives them their kick, warms up your body temperature, aiding the burning of additional calories. You can get it by eating dried, cooked, raw or powdered peppers.

5.Lower-fat dairy products: 
          Rich in vitamin D and calcium, low-fat dairy products like light cheeses and skimmed milk help to preserve and build muscle mass, which is essential for maintaining a robust metabolism. He advocates embracing your hatred of the gym and just going anyway rather than pretending to enjoy it. You're doing it for your health, not for pleasure.



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