Thursday, August 14, 2014

Workout without Equipment or Weights at Home

You want to get fitness without going to Gym and any fitness center. Then it is possible even without any instruments and no equipment too. Now a days every one becoming busy to earn money and doing their works. Not able to spend time to take care about their health and fitness. To get fit and healthy no need of any equipment and instruments. You can start workouts as shown below images. BruceLeeAbs: for good abs follow the below excercise level I for 20 times and level II for 30 times and level III for 40 times and last brucelee 90 times.
Borderline for good thighs and buttocks.
 After Shock for good legs and chest.
 Assassin's workout
 BatMan workout without equipment

 1&1 Workout
 I aim to misbehave workout
 Arrow Workout
 Borderline workout
 Batman workout
 Anvil workout
 Breathless workout
 Abs on Fire Workout
 Blade Runner Workout
 At Beach Workout

  I think these are enough to get stamina and fitness to your body without equipment..



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